COVID-19 impacts us all. Mermaid Chè Monique spreads cheer.

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About Mermaid Chè Monique

Mermaid Chè Monique lays underwater with her hand at her hip. Photo by Melanie Canatella.

Everyone deserves magic in their life.

Mermaid Chè Monique is dedicated to helping people find magical moments every day.  Follow her social media feeds for videos on self care as well as videos of Chè underwater.

Mermaid Chè lounges on fountain at Versace Mansion. Photo by Your Rouge Photography.

Have Mermaid Chè at your event.

Mermaid Chè Monique is available for appearances and speaking engagements. Take your event to the next level, by booking Mermaid Chè Monique.

Mermaid Chè lays fin up at the shore. Photo by Your Rouge Photography.

Mermaid Chè Monique is here for you.

Mermaid Chè is a fat, Black Mermaid with natural hair. People who look like Chè are often told that they are less than and unworthy. Mermaid Chè Monique is here to remind you that you are more than enough and deserve to live a joyous life full of magic.